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Preparing for Your 1st Day

Congratulations on the new job! Starting a new assignment can be a little nerve-wracking. But not to fear! We created an infographic with helpful tips to help you prepare for and nail your first day of work. You got this! Click here to view the infographic.    

Payment Information

  We also accept checks! Please make your check out to Hire Dynamics, LLC and include a memo stating what the payment is for. Mail your check to our Home Office address below. Thank you! 1845 Satellite Boulevard Suite 300 Duluth, GA 30097

May Jobs Report

Hire Dynamics’ June Market Report is here and economists say the U.S. will be in full recovery by July 2022.  In this infographic, our COO Jeff Neff discusses how he believes the staffing/recruiting industry will “play a vital role” in training and even reskilling the workforce as the nation’s economy adapts to ongoing market shifts. […]

Cash in With Our Finders Club Employee Referral Program

Help your friends find work and receive $100 cash via Hire Dynamics’ employee referral program Finders Club. Who are some of Hire Dynamics’ top recruiters? Our talent! Whether you’re working with us now or you’re an HD grad, we can pretty much assume you’re a terrific person and worker. And terrific people tend to know […]

10 Simple Methods to Improve Customer Service

You’re a manufacturer. You build things. Yet who buys and uses the things you make? People! The better your customer service, the stronger your relationships with your customers will become, leading to happy and loyal clients. Try these 10 simple customer service methods from Thomas and watch your bottom line grow healthier.

Interview Tips

What can you expect on a job interview with a Hire Dynamics client? Here’s an infographic with 10 interview tips for in-person and remote client interviews. These also work for ANY job interview. For example, you’ll want to research the company, dress appropriately, get there a bit early and pay attention. Download the infographic here. […]

How to Prepare and What to Expect from a Hire Dynamics Job Fair

HD regularly hosts job fairs across our 50 branches. To set you up for success, check out our infographic to learn what to expect, what to bring and how to prepare for a job fair. Our trained staffing specialists are ready to meet with you and help you find your next opportunity! Download the infographic […]

Expanded Unemployment Benefits Ending Soon in Several States

Governors in several states are ending the extra $300 in weekly unemployment benefits early to encourage unemployed workers to get out and look for work. Our short guide names the states that are doing so and the benefits’ end dates for each. It also discusses what might happen as a result: will you be inundated […]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Work Break

Take a break at work. Really! And make it a REAL break. Call a loved one. Get outside. Daydream on the grass. Read our infographic for more relaxing tips. Download all the tips here.