Refer friends, earn rewards.

Looking for a Hire Dynamics near you?

5 tips for referring friends

Here are a few tips to get the word OUT about Hire Dynamics and money IN your pocket:

  1. Reach out to your friends
    Tell your friends and colleagues what you love about working with Hire Dynamics. You never know who might be interested in a career change.
  2. Let social media do all the work
    Social media – like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – is a great way to spread the word about Hire Dymanics. Here is a sample post for your personal pages:
    Looking for your next job opportunity? I chose Hire Dynamics because of their reputation as the premier staffing company in the Southeast. Fill out this form to have a Hire Dynamics Recruiter contact you. Remember to mention my name and you will receive a special welcome gift when hired!
  3. Slip them your card
    Referral cards are available at your local branch. Be sure to write your name on them. This will make it easier for us to match you up with your referral when they apply.
  4. Tap into your networks
    Your network is bigger than you think it is. Remember that conference you went to last month? Or that person you met at your monthly professional meeting? Use these connections to your advantage and start making contact with people who you think would be a good fit for Hire Dynamics!
  5. Clone yourself
    Scientists haven’t figured this one out, but we are looking for qualified hard workers like yourself. Think about friends that would do well on the job. Remember, you get your ‘finders’ fee when they get hired!

Frequently asked questions

Who is an eligible referral for this program?

Any person looking for employment, particularly in our areas of expertise – Manufacturing, Logistics, Call Center, Office/Clerical, or E-Commerce. Any open position is eligible.

How many referrals can I give you?

As many as you’d like! We will accept every referral you submit and will pay you for every referral that meets program requirements.

Do I have to be on assignment with Hire Dynamics to submit my referral and be compensated?

Referrals from our talented associates are the best compliments we can get! To qualify for cash referral bonuses, you must currently be working on an assignment for Hire Dynamics and be in good standing or be an HD Grad. However, because our mission is to be the #1 staffing company you would refer to a friend, we also welcome referrals from past associates, friends and colleagues who can vouch for the quality of our services. Those not currently on assignment with Hire Dynamics will be rewarded with a $50 gift card for successful referrals.