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Millennials & What They Bring to the Manufacturing Table

Young professionals of the Millennial generation haven’t been jumping at the chance for a career in manufacturing. The prevailing stigma of jobs in manufacturing and other skilled trades have carried over into the last two generations, but these views are very clearly outdated.

Becoming a “Best Place to Work”

Being recognized and eventually known as a “Best Place to Work” or “Top Workplace” gives your business the opportunity to leverage its industry-leading retention rate to attract top talent and differentiate from the competition. But it’s also about the interpersonal connections built within that endure beyond employment with the company.

10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing

As you know, one of a Senior Decision-Maker’s top priorities is managing the bottomline. And one of the best ways to do that is by controlling costs. When used strategically, staffing can control costs, which allows a Sr. DM to maximize profitability. This article illustrates how strategic staffing can help eliminate overtime cost, limit benefits expense, prevent unemployment claims, reduce HR cost, and more!

Behavioral Hiring

Behavioral hiring is a process that assists hiring managers with selecting people who are behaviorally suited for a particular position by analyzing both the position and the individual. Unlike traditional interviews, which tend to rely far too much on a simple job description, behavioral hiring offers a more objective means to determine if a person has the right skills and personality traits to succeed in a certain job.

Chairmen Change, Top Priorities Endure

Learn more about effective leadership that lasts and how to put your company on an elevated success path by becoming ASA-certified.

When ‘Best’ Keeps Getting Better

Take advantage of everything ASA membership has to offer. Step up your efforts as active participant and contributor to our industry’s success.

We Have the ACA Answers Clients Want

We will continue to be credible and reliable business partners under the ACA, and this new ASA Affordable Care Act Communications Kit makes it easier to convey that message.

Talent Resources

Trades Are Cool Again

For some, the “college experience” is an exciting prospect that starts with trying out subjects that will hopefully lead to a career and ends with the rude awakening of abundant student loans and no job post-graduation to pay them off – or potentially worse, being stuck in a career you’ve discovered just isn’t right. When you need a career path re-evaluation, or when you can’t secure a job (or even an interview) post-graduation, use this game plan to determine options.

A Game Plan for the “Job-Hopper”

It used to be that someone who worked at a company for just a year or two before moving on would have signaled red flags as the non-committal type, or even a risky hire. So how do you overcome general presumption and use your moves as an advantage? By thinking of your skillsets in broader terms and promoting the personal attributes that enhance your ability to do the job.

NEW Open Enrollment – May 12

Open enrollment has arrived…Time to think about your benefit choices! Download our 2014-15 Employee Benefits Guide.

Acing Behavioral Interviews

The behavioral interview is a technique many employers use to determine the best person for a job. This article offers more about behavioral interviews…and how to ace them.

Communicating Your Way to Success

Learning new and better ways to communicate is always beneficial, no matter who you are. But for those facing upcoming job interviews, it can be absolutely invaluable!

This piece can help all job hunters learn why being specific is so important, how using “I” statements makes them appear more confident, and why asking questions can determine whether or not they get the job.