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Services offered

Hire Dynamics provides contract, temp and contract to hire staffing, but we also specialize in hire direct and onsites. We’re at the top of the staffing game across the board.

Direct hire

Qualified professional talent on YOUR timeline

Vetted candidates quickly

When you’re looking to hire a new employee but don’t have time to do all the sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and vetting yourself, Hire Dynamics’ Direct Hire services can do all of that for you.

Your recruiter – specialized in your niche – understands your needs inside out and upside down and sideways. This means he or she will find you professional candidates on your timeline: in one day (if that’s what you need), in a few weeks or anything in between.

Ask to see one person. Or 10. You’re the boss here.

  • We source for the experience you require.
  • We test for the skills you determine.
  • We conduct the background and reference checks you request.

And it costs you nothing unless you decide to hire the person or use them on assignment.


We are where you are – and that matters.

We are a large staffing provider, which offers its own unique vantage point because we take a very local approach to our business. Our onsite solution provides the opportunity to increase morale through proprietary engagement and retention programs while closely tracking performance, streamlining processes and adding another level of oversight and support to your physical presence.

  • We offer… customized staffing solutions. We have a comprehensive sales and discovery process that allows us to truly uncover our clients’ needs and deliver flexible solutions that work with your culture.
  • We offer… expertise in supporting high volume clients needing an onsite presence. We employ industry leaders that will work with you to deliver
  • We offer…a local presence. We are local connectors and, are heavily involved in our communities, driven by both people and causes. By sharing your zip code, we share your challenges, opportunities and experiences. We can relate and create a staffing solution that truly makes sense for your organization based on a multitude of local environmental factors.
  • We offer…a comprehensive approach. We want to be involved and be a trusted advisor. Our team of industry professionals including talent acquisition experts, risk and safety managers, and production specialists partner to drive key performance indicators like reducing turnover, lowering WC incidents and claims, and improving productivity.

Our content leadership events keep you in the know.

Stay on the cutting edge of your industry. Through our Content Leadership events, including our Contact Center Executive Forum, you can learn about the latest trends, share best practices and network among your peers. Meet leaders from over 300 participating companies and learn about: employee and customer loyalty, performance metrics, social marketing, retention and applying the five dysfunctions of a team, creating a better work environment and training and execution. See first-hand what other companies are doing in Lean practices for manufacturing and logistics; human resources: and workforce strategy sessions like healthcare reform and supervisory training.

Topgrading: hire "A" players and build dream teams.

Increase your staff’s productivity with Hire Dynamics’ proven Topgrading philosophy and practice. You will be able to develop a structured hiring process and increase your retention rates. Using Topgrading methodologies we’ve specifically created, Hire Dynamics has consistently been able to increase monthly retention rates for our clients.

We're ready to source, screen, and select candidates

With Hire Dynamics, you have access to the largest database of local talent so you can get skilled candidates. Our Recruitment Team is available 24/7 to fill job openings immediately. We personally interview each potential employee and use valuable screening tools to create a pool of the best quality candidates. And, as an industry leader in referrals, we take pride in providing top-notch people when you need them the most.

Lines of business

Fulfilling opportunities – with great talent, through innovation, trust and a local presence.

We are committed to organic, referral-generated growth. This means doing a great job, every time, to continue earning your business – so much so that you will want to refer your contacts to us. What matters to you, matters to us; we’re big but we’re local. Our approach to staffing is high-touch and fueled by the right balance of people and technology.

Performance and safety are your priorities. We help manufacturers stay fully staffed and minimize risk, serving more than 100 manufacturers with positions including general labor, machine operators, engineers and management. We are also the only staffing company involved in Next Generation Manufacturing.

Logistics is unpredictable. You need a flexible staff that can support operational changes. With our talent-on-demand workforce, we staff more than 120 logistics eccomerce centers for positions ranging from general labor and forklift operations to management.

Logistics is unpredictable. You need a flexible staff that can support operational changes. With our talent-on-demand workforce, we staff more than 120 logistics eccomerce centers for positions ranging from general labor and forklift operations to management.

We get to know your business to find the best staff where you need them most, from general office support to executive management. Whether you need temporary employees or long-term top performers, our comprehensive recruitment process identifies the best people to meet your needs.