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Increasing Pay Rates & Adding Benefits Decreased Talent Attrition

Hire Dynamics’ latest case study discusses how we could help the general manager of a plastics injection molding company convince his corporate office that he needed to increase pay rates to attract better quality talent and increase retention. Here’s how we did so. Click to view the PDF.

The Supply Chain Hiring: Navigating the Next Normal

With each release of the monthly jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much in the driver’s seat of the U.S. economy. However, for supply chain employers, the general picture is one of progressive recovery and growth. Warehouse jobs and employment has more than […]

September Jobs Report

The BLS’ September Jobs Report showed 194,000 jobs added to the economy, but 338,000 individuals have dropped out of the labor force entirely. There are currently 7.7 million Americans that are considered unemployed. Regional differences in vaccination rates combined with other factors may be impeding higher rates of return-to-work for those long-term employed. Here’s Hire […]

Moving Up in a Warehouse/Distribution Center Environment

There’s something we want to remind you of if you work in a warehouse/distribution environment. This business segment, which also includes supply chain/e-commerce enterprises, has shown how absolutely critical it is to the United States’ economy these past few months. This means that no matter what you do as you work for a business within […]

Contact Center Executive Forum Recap

Hire Dynamics held its annual Contact Center Executive Forum on September 23rd, and the main insight that came out of it was… Candidates and employees are now “in charge,” and we’re happy to accommodate them. Three contact center operations and technology experts discussed their pandemic recruiting, hiring, managing, training, and retaining experiences: Earl Parker, Operations […]

9 Things to Do to Find Your Job Faster

A job search is never “fun.” (“No, duh, Einstein!” we hear you say.) But it needn’t be a slog, a bear, an awful experience. In fact, there are definite steps you can take to make it go faster. Please note that we said “faster,” not “fast.” A job hunt probably will take a least a […]

Distro Center Easily Forecast Operations and Staffing Needs

Hire Dynamics’ latest case study showcases how we provided the right talent for a distribution center while providing incentives for on-time arrival and staying on assignment long-term. That allowed the center’s managers to spend less time on workforce issues and more time on the business. Click here to download the case study.  

Crockpot Chronicles: Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili

We understand that many people have been hit hard financially this past year and a half. We want to bring you a terrific healthy and inexpensive recipe that you can prepare quickly, let cook while you’re at work, and then serve to your family as soon as everyone is home that afternoon/evening. A fast-food combo […]

Chat Centers: A Different Type of Customer Service Agent Needed

When was the last time you “spoke” to a customer service agent via chat (and not the chatbot you probably thought you were engaging with? Probably at least once this week, if not several times, because companies that offer website visitors the chance to “chat” are moving more to live chat, in which a skilled […]

Working with Flaky Colleagues

The flakes. The unreliables. The drama royalty! They’re everywhere at work. There’s no way you can’t work at a company and not meet at least one of these types of co-workers. They’re there. You HAVE to work with them, so…. …here’s how to cope People are people wherever you go and, while many of us […]