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9 Things to Do to Find Your Job Faster

By Hire Dynamics

Searching for jobs hiring near me is never “fun.” (“No, duh, Einstein!” we hear you say.) But it needn’t be a slog, a bear, an awful experience. In fact, there are definite steps you can take to make it go faster. Please note that we said “faster,” not “fast.” A job hunt probably will take …

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Why Onboarding Remote Contact Center Agents Has to Be Practically Perfect

By Hire Dynamics

Today, most job candidates who can perform their jobs remotely want to perform those jobs remotely. This extends to contact center agents, of course: you will attract more of them to your positions if you offer remote work. But once hired, you also will have to onboard and train them remotely. That can be problematic, …

Must-Have Workflow and Productivity Contact Center Tools for 2022 and Beyond

By Hire Dynamics

Many businesses start their fiscal new year on July 1. Which is coming up fast. If this is the case for your contact center, Hire Dynamics’ Contact Center Advisory Council has created a short list of the newest tools – and trends – it’s determined will be of best use for contact center operations in …

Remote, Onsite, or Hybrid for Contact Center Agents?

By Hire Dynamics

This appears to be the question in the contact center business sector today! After all, more than one-third of the U.S. workforce whose work could be performed fully remote are saying they really, truly, absolutely prefer fully-remote work. (The actual stats: 37 percent said they prefer fully remote, while 54 percent said they prefer hybrid/onsite.) …

Advancing in Your Contact Center Career

By Hire Dynamics

If the idea of working in a contact/call center gives you the willies, you’re behind the times: call center jobs and even careers can be highly rewarding, both financially and emotionally. Call centers today, in other words, are not your grandparents’ call centers. Call centers have evolved into high-technology “contact centers.” A bit of history: …

Why Logistics and Supply Chain are the “It” Careers of the 2020s

By Hire Dynamics

If you want to work in a business sector that most likely will see 11 percent growth EACH year for the next five years, then logistics/supply chain is the business sector to explore. Because most businesses are ecstatic when they grow five percent a year, a growth rate of 11 percent a year for a …

Upping Your Job Search Game in 2022

By Hire Dynamics

Right now, as we’ve moved from winter to spring and anticipate the warmth of summer, the job search pretty much is a good one for candidates: Employers added 455,000 jobs in March (according to the payroll services firm ADP), about 20,000 fewer than the number added in February. This means more than 1.5 million jobs …

Strategies for Hiring Top-Notch Chat Center Reps

By Hire Dynamics

No surprise to employers: finding great talent remains a considerable challenge in the U.S. as we move from winter into spring. How huge? CNBC on March 4 reported that while the unemployment rate fell to 3.8 percent in February, with job gains far stronger than expected, it’s still difficult for businesses – especially those with …

Personal Finance Hacks that Work

By Hire Dynamics

The high inflation the country is experiencing right now is tough for so many people! Gas especially has risen considerably in just the past few weeks: the average price of regular gas has risen in the United States from $3.54 per gallon on February 23 to $4.34 per gallon as of March 30 (the day …

Lessons Learned: Contact Center Operations with a Hybrid Workforce

By Hire Dynamics

A recent blog post (Contact Center Issues: Training and Retaining Agents) saw us discussing how to train and retain Contact Center agents in a fully remote call/contact center. But what happens when your contact center is hybrid, with some agents working on-site and others working remotely at home? How do you conduct training? How do you …

Contact Center Issues: Training and Retaining Agents

By Hire Dynamics

Two years of pandemic hiring and training Contact Center Agents have come and gone. What have managers and supervisors learned about what works and what needs to be improved when it comes to training and retaining Contact Center Agents? Plenty! We held another Contact Center Executive Forum Virtual Roundtable on January 27 with Dr. LuAna …