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How Referrals, Testimonials and Awards are the Brand Currency for Business

VIEW FROM THE BOARDROOM: A TALE OF STAFFING SUCCESS November 21, 2014 By Dan Campbell This article was originally published on Temporary and contract workers continue to gain share of the employee base as companies try to align the shifts in human capital strategies with the preferences of an increasingly mobile workforce. This trend, […]

The Key to Strong Referral Business is Loyalty

This blog was originally posted on Drumming up referrals for your company — whether for business development or talent recruitment — is a coveted practice. It tops the wish list of just about any executive or team manager because the difference between clients and talent who come to your company based on someone else’s […]

Our Recipe for Success as a Best Place to Work

It’s been a great year of recognition for Hire Dynamics, especially when it comes to creating a positive work environment. This month, the Charlotte Business Journal named our new Charlotte office as a top Best Place to Work – quite an achievement for our branch that opened in January of this year. Way to go, […]

How to Use Frequent Job Changes to Your Advantage

This blog was originally posted on It used to be that someone who worked at a company for a year or two would have signaled red flags as a risky hire. Today, it’s more common for professionals to change jobs — even careers — more frequently. But this isn’t something new. It’s been heading […]

Who to Blame: College Graduates Job Market Still Tough

The recession did a lot to hurt the job market for management all the way to the recent college graduate. Some of the damage caused still lingers, or at least the effects do, and some say that this will be continuing trend – , a hallmark of the first part of this century. The Bureau […]

The Cost of a Bachelor’s Degree

Less time in school, little to no student loans, and a high paying technical career. It sounds like a bit of a stretch, right? That “too good to be true” scenario your parents warned you about. As a society, we have become so used to talking about the traditional four-year university track that anything outside […]

What We Do Matters: Getting to the Bottom of Customer Mysteries

If you have been following along with our blog, you’ve probably heard us use the phrase “What We Do Matters.” It’s the mantra that guides Hire Dynamics and something we strongly believe in. Whether it’s our dedication to clients and talent, giving back to the community, or being named one of the best places to […]

Where the Jobs are After the Recession

We always get so much out of attending CareerBuilder events alongside other industry leaders, and the recent Staffing and Recruiting Executive Summit was no exception. During the course of a couple days we discussed some of the leading issues and opportunities facing staffing today, and we wanted to share what we learned and heard with […]

Changing culture, not the crew

If in pursuit of a calm and leisurely work environment, Hire Dynamics is likely not the place for you.We’re a little loud, love friendly competition and like our meetings adorned with snacks and silly putty. But there’s a method to our madness, and although we can’t relate to most staffing companies, we’re okay with that […]

Insider secrets on filling skills gap positions

When we talk about filling a gap, it usually means that something needs fixing or correcting. It could refer to the cracks in a door or window letting the hot summer air inside. Perhaps it requires braces to close the space between two front teeth. Or for business, it requires an analysis to determine how […]