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Top Ten Tactics for Contact Center Success

In a recent article for Contact Center Pipeline, Sonya Buckley acknowledges the uncertainty caused by the pandemic as well as the difficulties of rapid virtualization across the contact center industry. Sonya notes, “In terms of day-to-day operations, much of the responsibility for sustaining high performance in these new and unprecedented circumstances falls to managers.” She recommends these ten leadership mindsets for success:

  1. Be a calm presence.
  2. Lead with agility.
  3. Create a safe space.
  4. Build toward a shared vision.
  5. Set clear expectations and structure.
  6. Over-communicate.
  7. Provide reliable information.
  8. Coach on.
  9. Leverage technology.
  10. Keep it human.

Read the full article here. For more resources on contact center best practices, check out our articles on contact center technology and contact center trends on our blog.

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