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Talent That Goes Perm: Temporary Workers Seeking Permanent Opportunities

The American job market is indisputably changing as the contingent workforce continues to grow. As I mentioned in my last Talent Management piece, temporary staffing is now a permanent strategy when it comes to enduring the ebb and flow of business needs and allowing companies to stay flexible with just-in-time talent. For job seekers, this means that temporary work is now an opportunity to showcase skills and experience to ultimately be hired for a permanent position.

As temporary positions have been associated with part-time work in the past, they often get stuck with a negative stigma. However, temporary-to-hire (or contract-to-hire) is on the rise and no longer does this work strictly involve covering for a full-time employee’s vacation or sick leave. There are permanent benefits of temporary employment, as indicated by, and below are just a few that showcase the immense value in this setting:

  • The opportunity to gain practical work experience in either your chosen industry or a parallel field of interest. For recent graduates or professionals seeking a career change, temporary work also offers an insider’s look into the desired field.
  • The ability to work more flexibly – temporary workers often have more freedom in selecting their schedule – and be able to demonstrate adaptability and the competence to learn quickly.
  • The chance to be more than just a résumé to a potential employer by legitimizing your skills and being recognized for contributions, and ultimately be considered if a full-time or permanent position becomes available.

According to the American Staffing Association, 72 percent of temporary employees are offered positions with the employer whom he or she temped for. To secure opportunities for growth, recognition and a permanent job offer, treat your temporary time as an extended job interview. Complete each task with purpose to demonstrate your eagerness for a permanent position.

Just as building relationships and getting to know the team is important, ask questions to familiarize yourself with the company. Show an interest in its history and culture, and try and find your place within it. Experts suggest that exhibiting interest in the future of the company says to your employer that you are invested for the future.

Since 2001, Hire Dynamics has helped thousands of job seekers find positions that achieve their career objectives. If you are interested in temporary-to-hire opportunities in contact (call) center positions, warehouse and manufacturing positions, or administrative and office positions, click here to apply.

In our next post, we will be discussing the business benefit of creating temporary-to-hire opportunities and best practices for turning temporary workers into permanent team members.

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