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Spectrum Careers: Providing Meaningful Work

When you think of “autism,” your mind may stereotype what an autistic person may look or act like. You may jump to the conclusion that all autistic people are completely disabled and unemployable, or if they are employed, are a burden and a disruptive workplace presence. Alternatively, others will regard autistic people as savants or […]

Spectrum Careers: Empowering and Employing an Underserved Population

Sean is a Print Production Sorter for a fundraising organization that collects children’s art from schools to be transposed on different mediums called Square1 Art. Sean originally started in an entry-level position unpacking boxes but was quickly promoted to take on additional tasks and responsibilities. Sean loves what he does, and his supervisors say he […]

Spectrum Careers in Manufacturing

Spectrum Careers in Manufacturing (SCM) is a movement that is creating opportunities for adults on the spectrum and manufacturers by bringing them together for a rewarding relationship. Over the next decade, more than 3.5 million jobs will need to be filled and manufacturing executives report a significant gap in their ability to find talent. World-class […]