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Hire Dynamics Featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle for 2017 Atlanta’s Best Places To Work Q&A

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Q&A with 2017 Atlanta’s Best Places To Work finalist Hire Dynamics

Atlanta Business Chronicle has just named the finalists for the 2017 Atlanta’s Best Places To Work awards. ( The list of finalists.) The rankings will be announced at the Chronicle’s 14th annual Best Places To Work awards on the evening of Sept. 6 at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta. ( More information about the event.)

We asked one of the finalists, Hire Dynamics, to share some of the company’s secrets to becoming a Best Place To Work. Here’s what they said:

Question: How has being one of Atlanta’s Best Places To Work helped your business?

Answer: For Hire Dynamics’, being a best place to work is a journey about continuous improvement. By being a Best Place to Work, we can attract the very best talent who are engaged and loyal. We put our employees first because loyal, engaged employees provide exceptional service to clients and talent. As a result, our Net Promoter Scores, both clients and talent, rank in the top 2% of our industry and have done so since the survey began in 2010, rivaling companies like Apple, Nordstrom’s, Southwest.

Question: Is being one of Atlanta’s Best Places To Work meaningful to your company’s employees?

Answer: Our employees are proud of what we do and our unique culture. We believe that “What We Do Matters”, changing the lives of the people by placing them in fulfilling jobs. Hire Dynamics was founded with the goal of being the #1 company you would refer to a friend. That shared mission inspires our work and creates a great work environment. We know why we come to work every day.

Question: Tell us some of the things you’ve done to become one of Atlanta’s Best Places To Work that other companies can do, too.

Answer: As part of putting our employees first, we provide an environment where everyone has a voice. People are free to make suggestions to make us better and to tell us when we need to make changes. We make a concerted effort to solicit the opinions and don’t just wait for them to be offered. We believe in transparency — in telling employees the truth — and by doing that, we develop trust. We know that complexity will not build greatness, so we strive to keep things simple, focusing on the most important work. And, we make time for having some fun together, remembering that it is our relationships with each other that allow us to serve our clients and talent well.

Question: If you could offer other companies one piece of advice on how to become one of Atlanta’s Best Places To Work, what would you tell them?

Answer: You have to have genuine belief that people are the key to the success of your business. Leadership must develop a vision and core values and be committed to creating a great workplace. Managers at all levels must consistently live the values and foster trust, pride and camaraderie. Listen and empower your employees. Provide training and growth opportunities. Keeping things simple and stay focused on the most important things. Play to your employees’ strengths and have fun.

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