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Employee Appreciation Day is Every Day, Not Just Today

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day and Hire Dynamics wants to give a huge shout-out to the amazing people that keep us up and running every day.  Our team’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm is the reason for all our success and we want to make sure our employees and talent know how much we appreciate their efforts.

Hire Dynamics lives and works by the idea “What We Do Matters” and it translates to every aspect of business whether it is our commitment to our clients, the community or our team members. For our esteemed employees, this means creating a work environment that is supportive, engaging and most importantly, fun!

Corporate culture is a top priority for us and we are proud to have a workplace that values and celebrates each individual employee. A big part of that formula is making sure to take time to reward everyone’s hard work and dedication. From regularly gracing “Best Places to Work” lists, rapping employees, to dressing up as elves to cheer up a children’s hospital, we constantly strive to foster an enjoyable and positive culture.

A more old-school executive may deride our eccentric work atmosphere, but let us assure you, there is a method to our madness.  A team that is energized, motivated and feels valued is one that crushes and exceeds goals. Employees want to contribute to an organization’s overall success and in turn, we make sure to reward and recognize their efforts.

Additionally, valued employees stay on to lead long and successful careers, significantly decreasing turnover. It’s interesting how many misunderstand this complex business expense, but we can assure you, it comes at a high price. The Wall Street Journal estimates that recruiting and training a replacement can cost upwards of twice the employee’s salary.

Do you feel your organization does a good job fostering a strong corporate culture and rewarding hard work? If you feel like your office atmosphere could use a healthy injection of fun, Employee Appreciation Day is a perfect place to start.

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