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What We Do Matters: Getting to the Bottom of Customer Mysteries

By Hire Dynamics

If you have been following along with our blog, you’ve probably heard us use the phrase “What We Do Matters.” It’s the mantra that guides Hire Dynamics and something we strongly believe in. Whether it’s our dedication to clients and talent, giving back to the community, or being named one of the best places to work, the idea of “What We Do Matters” materializes in many different ways. Recently, this commitment to excellence gave us the opportunity to put on our detective caps and solve two staffing mysteries that were costing our clients time and money.

A High Turnover Whodunit

When our South Carolina branch team detected increased turnover in the packing department of a large retail chain client, Senior Staffing Specialist Lisa Lopez was on the case. While not the typical course of action other companies might take, our intrepid team member went straight to the source and spent a day in the warehouse working alongside our talent. By working the production line, Lisa realized that we were not testing for number recognition, which appeared to be more important to the position than originally explained by the manager of the distribution center.

So it became an easy matter of hiring for different skill sets. Lisa returned back to the office and immediately implemented additional skills testing. Turnover then reduced for the remainder of the project. Not only did she solve a critical issue, Lisa was able to strengthen her rapport with talent on the production line as everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day spent together knowing that Hire Dynamics puts its people first.

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Hire Dynamics employed a little sleuthing while we prepared a presentation for a national third-party logistics (3PL) company we hoped to begin partnering with. The 3PL serviced a high-end retail clothing company and wanted to improve the quality of its distribution of product to stores.

We took a trip to one of the local stores and had a chance to speak to the store and warehouse managers. They shared with us a reoccurring problem of the product label and the actual product color not being correctly matched in the boxes shipped to stores.

After careful review of the evidence, we realized that employees were having a difficult time distinguishing different shades of color on the labels and because of this it was difficult to match the correct colors with the order while packing the merchandise. Research confirmed our hunch about the problem: about eight percent of men are colorblind and cannot distinguish certain shades of color.

When it came time to present to the potential client, we added a color test as part of the proposed skills assessment. Needless to say, the company was astounded that we had solved the mystery and shared with us that their own team had investigated the matter to no avail. Hire Dynamic’s strategy of additional color testing completely resolved the customer’s shipping problem, resulting in a tremendous costs savings and another example of “What We Do Matters.”

Going the extra mile to play detective for your customers can pay off in dividends. Has your job ever given you the opportunity to do a little sleuthing?