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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

By Hire Dynamics

The holidays will be here soon, and many experts are saying Santa may not be able to bring all the toys he’s like to children this year. (Even Santa is affected by the supply chain logjams….).

That said, we thought we’d put together a holiday gift and shopping guide for you and your loved ones for the 2021 holidays.

Below are some affordable ideas. We suggest that you also look through your local thrift, antique, and holiday craft bazaars for some inexpensive gift purchasing.

First: thrift stores

Yes! Thrift stores are absolutely terrific! And before you even start to think that ALL the items there are used, we’d like to let you know: it’s pretty easy to find new clothing, shoes, dishes, electronics, and more at a thrift store.

In fact, thrifting is definitely “in” in general. It’s also a terrific way to find holiday gifts. (Many Goodwill locations, the best-known non-profit thrift store enterprise in the U.S., often offer their own version of “Black Friday” sales!)

Many in-fashion and new – or almost new – items can be purchased for $3-$10 at the most! (Many such items cost $20-$100 or more new.)

Many people already regularly shop at thrift stores, and so even presenting them with a great sweater, toy, book, or other “gently pre-loved” item more than likely won’t make them feel cheated.

(Still, if you do decide to purchase gifts at thrift stores, it’s probably wise to let people know they may be receiving something wonderful from your favorite thrifting location.)

Antique shops

Hidden treasures abound at antique shops, and while many of them aren’t “cheap” at all, they’re often less expensive than new, and if someone on your list is a vintage lover, collector, or all-around lover of history, they can be a great option.

While some items – such as furniture – can be expensive, many small items such as jewelry, books, framed art, LP records, vintage clothing, antique tools, and more can be found at truly reasonable (if not inexpensive) prices.

And, just like gifts found at thrift stores, you can be sure your gift is one-of-a-kind.

Dollar stores for stocking stuffers

If you’re an expert frugalist, you already know this. Yet dollar stores can be actual “wealth” of stocking stuffers, candy, and small toys for the very young – or young at heart on your list.

Homemade cakes, pies, cookies, even candy

Many of us pretty much have “everything” we could need, if not want. Really. After all, how many video games – or even video consoles – must young people own?

Gifts of clothing or jewelry from a well-known department store or fashion brand often get returned as style can be hard to determine (especially with jewelry). (In fact, clothing items are the most returned gifts returned once the gift-giving is done every holiday season.)

But everyone enjoys eating holiday treats!

Oh, we may say we don’t want to eat pies, cakes, cookies, etc. But eat them we do!

So if you have a knack for baking or cooking, providing friends and family members with homemade goodies often is a very frugal gift-giving strategy.

After all, the ingredients for a pumpkin pie – as just one example – can cost just a bit more than $5 to make yourself. The whole pie could be even less if you make the crust from scratch.