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Crockpot Chronicles: Chicken Taco Bowls

Chances are, if you spent a lot of time at home during the pandemic, you and your family had time to cook great meals at home. But if you’ve returned to work, home-cooked meals on a regular basis may be a thing of the past.  They shouldn’t be. Crockpots to the meal-prep rescue! If you’ve […]

June Jobs Report

The BLS released its monthly Jobs Report for June. Some quick facts? The unemployment rate rose to 5.9% while the labor participation remained relatively unchanged at 61.6%. 850k jobs were added but long-term unemployed persons (jobless of 27+ weeks) increased to 4 million. Read more about the current market and what to expect in the […]

How to Prepare for Your First Day of Work

Congratulations on the new job! Starting a new assignment can be a little nerve-wracking. But not to fear! We created an infographic with helpful tips to help you prepare for and nail your first day of work. You got this! Click here to download the infographic.

Terri Craft: A demonstrated leader shines during a turbulent pandemic era

For the last decade, Terri Craft has made a name for herself as a true leader within Hire Dynamics and her community. As Director of Business Development for the Hire Dynamics Charlotte office, she makes a difference to clients’ business strategies and changes the lives of the talent she places in jobs. She specializes in […]

Case Study: 150-Licensed Medicare Sales Agents Hired in Four Weeks

Hire Dynamics’ health insurance broker client needed to hire hundreds of Medicare sales agents just weeks before open enrollment season. It also needed the agents onboarded with plenty of time to train them. How’d we do? We hired 150 agents in just four weeks! Click here to download the case study.

Dealing with Stress – All About Sleep

All About Sleep Let’s face it: without a good night’s sleep, we’re nothing. Zero. Zilch. Zed. It’s true: a good night’s sleep is arguably one of the top three things we all should make sure we get each day. (Good food and about 30 minutes of moderate exercise are the other two.) A restful night’s […]

No Degree? No Problem. These Traits Make for a Great Career

You’ve decided not to go to college. You may or may not have become certified in an in-demand trade. If you’re wondering if that means you may never enjoy a great career, we’re here to tell you: College degrees and trade certifications aren’t the only means to great work… ….the right attitude and personal characteristics […]

Case Study: Manufacturer Enjoys Extraordinary Talent Fit Success Rate

Hire Dynamics’ latest case study discusses how we were able to provide our global plastics  manufacturing client with a 95 percent talent fit rate as well as long talent assignment retention  after the client’s previous staffing company provided subpar talent. View the PDF here.

Taking Staffing in Dallas to New Heights

Hire Dynamics is a leading staffing company specializing in finding talent for manufacturers, logistics companies, and e-commerce businesses. But that’s where our similarity with other staffing companies ends. We take a dynamic, unique approach to recruiting that is unmatched in the industry because we know today’s employment landscape is unlike any we’ve seen before – […]