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Top Talent Finds the Best Talent

mustache logo for referralsWhen we think about asking someone for a business referral, often the client or customer is the first person who comes to mind. It makes sense because that’s a common source for referrals among product and services industries. But for a staffing company like ours, the thousands of people we put to work every day are just as deserving of our focus and attention in this area.

The Hire Dynamics approach is one of building loyalty first – no matter the relationship, profession or monetary value each person brings to the table. It is the basis of a strong referral pipeline, but that’s not why we do it. Our commitment to creating positive work environments for our employees and our talent is paramount and foundational to being a “Best Places to Work” company. Only when we are successful in that area, are we able to consider referrals.

Mining our talent base for referrals is so important to our business that we’ve dedicated someone to the task. Marquis Anderson, a training and systems coordinator at Hire Dynamics, recently stepped up to lead this initiative. According to Marquis, paying attention to the details of our daily interactions and finding small but impactful ways to honor a job well done are key to building a strong and loyal relationship. Here are two stories we particularly love:

  • We learned that one of our star team members rode a bicycle to work every day because he didn’t have a car. No matter the weather, he always showed up and was always on time. But it was a child-sized bike and surely took him twice the effort to get to work. To let him know we truly value his exceptional performance, the team purchased him a new (and appropriately sized) bike.
  • We heard of another great employee who would send all of his earnings back home to his family in Africa. For this diligent, hard and loyal talent, we pulled the entire Hire Dynamics team together and collected a large amount of donated items and care packages for him to send to his family.

“Loyalty speaks volumes for us because we know that our success would not be possible without the success of the associates that represent Hire Dynamics in the community,” says Marquis. “If that loyalty results in a personal recommendation or direct referral, we recognize there is no bigger compliment.”

Our managers regularly check in with associates to see how things are going and drop by on site with cupcakes or lunch to show our appreciation. We raffle prizes throughout the year and hold an annual Talent Appreciation Week where we spend an entire week engaging associates with goodies, prizes and lots of sincere gratitude. All tied into these efforts is a Referral Bonus program for associates to help find us other great workers. Here are the details of the program:

  • To earn $20 a referred employee must complete 80 work hours in any position
  • To earn $100 a referred employee must complete 160 work hours in a specialty or certified position (i.e., machine operations, maintenance mechanic)
  • Both associates must be currently working on an assignment and be in good standing, and only Hire Dynamics associates are eligible to receive referral bonuses
  • And there is no limit to the number of referrals!

Marquis keeps close tabs on the number of talent referrals we receive and tracks the company’s progress. She directs new and ongoing programs that help us show each individual how valued they are to Hire Dynamics, saying “We truly value the service we offer clients and the people we have working those jobs, and when we make a positive impression with our associates, we open a pipeline for steady talent referrals.”

Do you work with us and have someone you would recommend as a new associate? Or maybe you have already participated in the Referral Bonus program. We would love to hear your story!