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Hire Dynamics in the News: The “Coolest” Companies to Work for in Atlanta

Recently, we had the honor of being named one of 10 “coolest” companies to work for in Atlanta by O.C. Tanner, a national organization that develops employee recognition and rewards programs that help companies appreciate people who do great work. O.C. Tanner as a company really understands that it’s the people within the organization that make it grow and thrive, and we have a similar philosophy.

Here is the write-up on us that was accompanied by the photo posted here:


“Hire Dynamics takes pride in what they do, putting 3,500 people in Atlanta to work every day. During the holiday season one year, Hire Dynamics rented a bus, drove it around town to their employees’ houses and started giving the employees and their families gifts. The company goes out of their way to make employees feel like they belong and employees agree there is a family-like feeling amongst their coworkers.”

Also from the list, we thought it worth noting some things that other “cool” companies are doing…

Pardot, a company that focuses on helping clients increase sales and marketing efficiency, provides an on-site massage therapist for its employees.

Rawls Group, a real estate agency, makes every employee a shareholder and partner of the company.

Human Resources Dimensions, an HR organization, provides employees with not only work-related training, but also training that has nothing to do with their jobs—including golf, public speaking or personal investment classes.

I encourage you to take a look at the post in its entirety here for the complete list of the 10 “coolest” companies to work for in Atlanta. The companies on this list are proof that you can have fun at work and still be productive and successful. We’ve known this for a while at Hire Dynamics and appreciate O.C. Tanners’ dedication to recognizing companies that take pride in making work a little something extra for their employees.