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Hire Dynamics Discusses Heroic Partnerships

superhero cloaksThis week, Hire Dynamics Founder Dan Campbell and CEO Larry Feinstein headlined a podcast hosted by Scott Wintrip to talk about “heroic partnerships” between corporations and staffing firms. These focus on mutuality and the belief that for the relationship to be a success, each party must get its needs met. Larry and Dan delve into the specifics of building these partnerships, including the important homework we do at Hire Dynamics to make relationships work from the very beginning.

What sets Hire Dynamics apart is our process for determining which companies to work with. Dan explained our partnership with Chime Solutions as an example in which we were tasked with filling nearly 1,000 jobs in six weeks. Larry added that conducting advance research to ensure we could fill the number of positions needed helped us set the right expectations. He also discussed Hire Dynamics’ willingness to receive feedback, the good and the bad. When working on a project as large as Chime Solutions, there are almost always issues that arise. Our ability to work through them quickly and as a team to come to resolution is truly a company trademark.

Another characteristic of heroic partnerships is entering into agreement with an organization that shares similar values. Dan said, “It starts with two things, one is initial research. Go online and see what a company stands for and ask around in the community to see what their reputation is. From there, as you meet people within the company, make sure that it isn’t all talk and that they truly live their values.” Vetting a new client is very much like dating as the start of a marriage. Do your values align with theirs? Are they willing to collaborate with you and work through issues?

A link to the full podcast may be found here, but in closing, Larry and Dan offer thoughts on how to pick the right partner. “It is important to stick to your core and what you’re good at,” Larry said. “Hire Dynamics has had the success we’ve had only after we realized that our core is commercial staffing and we are the best at call center, distribution, manufacturing and office. We won’t go outside that box.” As for Dan, he gave advice to companies on how to pick the right staffing firm: “The most important thing is creating a brand that people are going to want to work for.”

There is lots of great information to consider here. Hope you will listen to the conversation.

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