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WWDM: Greenville Talent Gets Backpacks for 5 Kids as a Thank You

The exceptional talent that makes up the Hire Dynamics team never ceases to amaze us and they are a tremendous part of our success. One particular individual Two men standing - WWDM, Greenvillehad been a true all-star working the third shift at a manufacturing company in Greenville, South Carolina. He consistently exceeds his production requirements by leaps and bounds and shows his commitment and determination to do great work.

His onsite manager, Ben Sabol, discovered that this person’s motivation for all his hard work and dedication is five wonderful children, ages 9, 7, 4, 3 and six-months. But also found it difficult to support his large family.

Knowing that back-to-school shopping can be a tight time for any parent, Hire Dynamics loaded up five backpacks full of school supplies and other fun treats for the kids. The father of five was surprised, amazed and certainly appreciative of the gesture. The HD team was thrilled to pay back someone who works tirelessly every day, going above and beyond his job requirements, and seems to truly love his work.

This exceptional talent in the Greenville branch is just one example of the Backpacks for kids - WWDM, Greenvillemany hard-working individuals that are a part of the Hire Dynamics team. They reside in each of our branches! We live by the mantra “What We Do Matters” and we are so proud that our team of talent feels the same way about the work they do every day. Do you have a Talent Success Story to share?


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