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Hire Dynamics Hosts Safety Roundtable

Safety is something that is instilled in us from a very early age – don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, stay away from open flames.  Along the way, we learn from experience and adopt more best practices to stay safe.

What about your workplace? As a manager or supervisor, is your work environment as safe as it should be for your employees? What sort of safety training are your employees receiving? If OSHA walked through your doors today, would you be ready? You must be prepared to answer these questions.

Safety should be a top concern of both employees and managers. If an incident occurs because your employees are not safe, you must stop to attend to them and rectify the situation. In addition, your production may also be affected.

What strategies can you implement at your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees? Per Gary Garofano, Risk & Safety Manager at Hire Dynamics, “The level of safety performance that you can achieve is dictated by your culture.” Hire Dynamics recently had the opportunity to meet with safety directors from across the Carolinas.

Safety Best Practices that the group discussed included: safety roundtable

  • Implement a safety incentive program for your employees.
  • Have your employees role play and practice safety walkthroughs.
  • Hold weekly or monthly safety meetings for all employees.
  • Test potential new employees’ lifting ability by having them pick up weights of 10, 20, 30 pounds and set up simulation stations.
  • Meet with your staffing agencies at least once a quarter.
  • Implement on-going safety training.

Next time you think about the success of your business, consider the safety of your employees. For a free safety consultation, reach out to your local Hire Dynamics representative or call Gary directly at 404.790.7899.

For additional tips, access Gary’s blog on Workplace Safety.

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