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What We Do Matters in Charlotte

what we do mattersWhen misfortune leads to new beginnings, some people like to attribute their fate to chance. After all, everything happens for a reason, right? At Hire Dynamics, we live by a different mantra – “What We Do Matters.” And while everything might very well happen for a reason, there is philanthropy in many stories that often go unnoticed, like the helping hands that show us these new beginnings we might not have seen or believed in otherwise.

The Hire Dynamics team loves sharing the heartwarming stories that remind us what matters most, personally and professionally. Here is one that hits close to home, intertwining both the success of one team member, and the support of another that inspired that success.

“James” found himself living on his friend’s couch in Charlotte, NC after being cut off from his family for differences in opinion over religion. This friend was a mutual acquaintance of a Hire Dynamics Staffing Specialist, who saw an opportunity to help James and potentially change his life. We landed James a job and thoroughly impressed his bosses from day one. Within five months, he was promoted twice – most recently landing a position that demands leadership ability, accountability and discipline.

While some may consider working on the line as a job with little reward or room for growth, James saw an opportunity to demonstrate his work ethic at the logistics solutions and services company that gave him a chance. He quickly moved from production assistant to quality control, then to team lead, and now warehouse lead – a position that calls for him to have the keys to close down the building after second shift stops production.

That same friend who helped him get his foot in the door, together with a few others, recently pitched in and collected money for the deposit and first month’s rent on what was to be James’ first apartment. In addition, the Hire Dynamics team presented him with a $100 Visa card gift, an initiative led by HD Charlotte employees, Camilo Rivera and Kathy Moore. James was extremely touched and grateful and said it will help him pay for groceries and provide a major boost in helping him to become fully independent.

“No one has ever invested in me like Hire Dynamics has, and you stand out from any other company because you take the time to make someone feel the way I do right now,” said James. Finally feeling on the right track with a blossoming career and a place of his own, he is living an awe-inspiring success story and showing his peers how working hard can pay off and change your life.

This story speaks volumes of both James’ accomplishments and those of the Hire Dynamics team for genuinely caring for and in investing in those who prove that what we do truly matters. In the words of Kasey Lowry, staffing specialist in Charlotte: “It’s so true that what we do matters and when the talent feels motivated and cared about, the client ultimately feels those affects as well. This is just an all-around success story of how working hard can pay off and change your life.”

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