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Hire Dynamics in the News: Tougher Time Than Parents

One of Hire Dynamics’ own, Lindsay Coonrod, was recently interviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Michael Kanell for a piece both he and Nicholas Fouriezos were writing on how Millennials are shaping the economy, as well as being shaped by it. Here is an excerpt: 

After graduating from Georgia Southern, Lindsay Coonrod, 26, of Suwanee, sought out an internship, then networked herself into a temporary position. After that, she earned a full-time job as marketing manager for Hire Dynamics, a Duluth staffing company.

Just having a job puts her ahead of many peers. She’s also like previous generations in her desire for a home: She and her boyfriend plan to buy a house within a year.

But parenthood? Let’s not push it.

“There’s no hurry on the family side of things,” she said. “I still feel pretty young. I think I want to establish my career a little bit more.”

That attitude is widespread, said Cheryl Russell, demographer and editorial director of New Strategist Press.

“The lives of young adults have changed pretty radically in the last decade. The millennials are postponing children and family life more than any previous generation.”

Read the full piece “Tougher time than parents”.

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