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South Carolina Women in Leadership Event

“I think women can really have it all.”

South Carolina Women in Leadership Event
What does the phrase “Women in Leadership” mean to you? What does it mean for the company you work for? Does your company offer professional development for women and prioritize the need for empowering women in the workplace? Thirty women came together for the Hire Dynamics’ SC Women in Leadership Event in Spartanburg, SC. Sharing stories, with a focus on empowerment and inspiration, provided motivation for both career and personal growth.


The important takeaways from the night are inspiring. The first comes from Kelly Carson, Sr. Relationship Manager, Middle Market Banking & Gov’t Finance at TD Bank who asked the group questions such as, “Do you have a Career Development Plan?” and “What do you do to stay fresh?”. These are just some of the questions that are important to ask as a leader.  It needs to be known that in the workplace it is not only okay to think about the next steps in your career, but it is also so important. If you don’t know where you want your career to go, how are you going to know what steps to take to get there? This starts with you.  You have to take ownership of your life, decisions, and your happiness. Taking this first step will show that you respect yourself and expect others to respect you and, ultimately, can make your work more enjoyable and inevitably leave you feeling happier.

Whether you have been working a job for 20+ years or 20+ days, it is vital that you, as Kelly mentioned, “stay fresh.” Learning something every day rarely causes harm, but instead equips you for the days and opportunities to come. Laura Moody, Regional Manager at Hire Dynamics, said it best – “You’ll learn a lot if you want to.”  It’s so simple, yet many people choose not to do so. You shouldn’t dread learning anything new.  Instead, flip the script and think “Okay, how can this help me now and/or in the future?”. Learning this new task or subject matter can help you advance in your career and even in your life if you let it. The choice is up to you.

Next Steps

How else can you become a better leader as a woman?  Last night Kim Wallace, EVP at Hire Dynamics, shared some wonderful words of wisdom & 10 helpful tips:

  • Connecting – It is amazing how the art of connecting with people in all walks of life can inspire & teach you so much and even open a door for you later. Never dismiss a moment
  • Be Intentional – The words you say and the actions you take should be intentional
  • Earn, Protect, and Respect Trust
  • Have a Positive Influence
  • Continue to Add Value in All Areas of Life
  • Always Think About Serving Others First
  • Enjoy Life
  • Lead and Go Forward with Your Heart
  • Moments are Precious
  • People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care

It all comes down to this – everyone has obstacles.  We all have our ups and downs, but how are you going to rise after you fall? As Laura Moody mentioned at the event, you must choose whether you want to be a victim or a conqueror. Yes, some days are harder than others, but choosing to rise above and be a conqueror is ultimately going to benefit you the most when it’s all said and done. As women and leaders in this world, it is up to us to lift and empower not only ourselves up, but each other as well.

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