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Creating a Safety Culture in Your Workplace

By Gary Garofano and Tammy Humphries on the Risk & Safety team at Hire Dynamics

Thirty percent of all OSHA calls and surprise inspections are initiated when employees call to complain about their workplace. Whether it’s the facilities, (lack of) safety guidelines or working conditions, many workers tend to feel uneasy completing their job.

safety cultureSafety is of the utmost importance for workers and managers alike. Often, our most common reaction is to react to an incident and let that specific event guide our future safety procedures and actions. While it is necessary to react to incidents with efficiency, what if we began to take a more proactive, preventative approach?

How are you providing site-specific training from day one? You need to evaluate the precautions and hazards for your workers on a daily basis and evaluate your jobs and procedures continuously.

Consistency and engagement become our biggest tools in creating a safety culture throughout our safety culture_safety roundtable_safety discussion_workplace safetyworkplaces. While meeting with top safety professionals from Tennessee, we talked through some fun ideas, as well as practical tips, to engage everyone about safety:

  • Safety Bingo – Manager creates a Bingo sheet that includes different ways workers can be safe on the job. When they achieve Bingo, they collect a prize!
  • Safety Bulletin – When an incident occurs, share a photo of where it occurred, a brief explanation of the incident and what precautions have been taken to prevent a repeat.
  • Safety Fair – Managers can partner with vendors, local police and firemen to share information and tips on how to be safe in your personal and professional life. This could include a mock fire demonstration where workers learn how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Distribution List – A list that specifies who is in charge of what when incidents occur, as well as updated safety procedures as they are revised and changed.
  • Wellness Fair – Similar to the safety fair and more geared toward the workers specifically. There can be massage chairs, a blood pressure station and health professionals on hand to provide helpful tips on how to begin a personal wellness routine.

Next time you think about the success of your business, consider the safety of your employees. For a free safety consultation, reach out to your local Hire Dynamics representative or call Gary directly at 404-790-7899.

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