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Our Recipe for Success as a Best Place to Work

It’s been a great year of recognition for Hire Dynamics, especially when it comes to creating a positive work environment. This month, the Charlotte Business Journal named our new Charlotte office as a top Best Place to Work – quite an achievement for our branch that opened in January of this year. Way to go, team!

This award comes on the heels of being ranked number one on the South Carolina Best Places to Work list, ranked second on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Places to Work list for the 7th year, named to both Clearly Rated 2014 Best of Staffing Client List and 2014 Best of Staffing Talent List for the 5th year, and a number two spot on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Top 100 Workplaces list. That’s just 2014. We have a long history of topping the best places to work charts, and that is by design.

Creating and fostering a positive work environment is a top priority and no-brainer for Hire Dynamics. Consider these numbers – estimates put the cost of turnover at anywhere from 25 to 250 percent of an employee’s annual salary depending on the industry. Off-boarding employees, productivity lost while positions are vacant, attracting and recruiting, on boarding and ramp-up time are all time consuming and costly activities. Why not put energy and efforts towards something more constructive, and frankly, fun?

We always have to keep track of the bottom line, but an energized workforce is more than just a line item on the budget. Motivated teams meet and exceed goals and a positive work environment inspires hard work, creativity and success. We always say, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and can attest to the immense benefits of creating a workplace where employees feel valued.

Because it’s almost Thanksgiving, we thought we would share Hire Dynamics own recipe for success as a best place to work:

Commitment from senior management
A successful leadership team develops the vision and core values then commits to creating a great workplace. It requires managers at all levels to consistently live these values to foster trust, confidence and self-worth.

Positive attitudes and practices
Teaming philosophy with open communication among employees and management should be standard protocol. A genuine belief that people are key to the success of the business is essential in creating a culture of inclusivity.

Clarity and consistency
Complexity will not build greatness, so keep things simple. Create a place where employees have a “whatever it takes” mentality and are empowered to do the right thing for clients, fellow employees and the community.

Finally, obtaining the level of internal balance and camaraderie required to receive the designation of best place to work is a journey, not a destination or a means to an end. Our entire team in each of our markets works tirelessly to build a leading work culture year round, not just at award time, and a happy and engaged workforce is well worth the effort. Are you in a position to make your company a best place to work? Share your own recipe for success.