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Are You Ready for Growth? Signs You Might Need an On-Site Staffing Partner

By Andi Haynes, Senior Director of On-Sites

The month of August brings many changes. Children head back to school, leaves begin to change color, and football season begins!  In business, it’s the ramp-up for the last quarter of the year. For growth companies, Q4 often brings a push to meet sales goals, fulfill more orders or train new associates – all while accommodating holiday and vacation schedules.

If you expect your business to grow in Q4, or if are you already growing, ask yourself:

  • Am I hiring the right people quickly?
  • What’s my supervisor to employee ratio?
  • Do I need help with employee relations?
  • Do we need to reorganize or revamp operations to accommodate growth?
  • Do we need to increase productivity?

New and growing companies can benefit from working with an experienced staffing provider to understand their business needs and determine the best strategies to achieve them. They may also benefit from having a dedicated staffing partner on-site to help smoothly implement people and operations strategies.

Understand Your Business Goals and Challenges

At Hire Dynamics, we partner with clients to understand their operating reality including growth objectives and challenges. We consult with them to determine what success looks like and what keeps leaders up at night. Often, we hear that they face high employee turnover, low productivity, safety/compliance challenges, new management or supervisors promoted based on performance with little to no management experience.

As a result, companies need help with HR and operations functions such as hiring, onboarding, employee relations, payroll, invoicing, safety/compliance and training. Hire Dynamics excels in helping companies understand and meet these needs. Our team looks at HR and business data, runs employee focus groups and develops custom solutions to meet each client’s needs.

On-Site Staffing Helps Meet Varied Goals

One solution is to partner with an on-site staffing provider to assist with meeting short term goals.  In addition, Hire Dynamics can advise you on how to best plan for future growth based on our experience with over fifty on-sites across the Southeast.  In 2018, we celebrated when each of 4800 of our talent became employees of our clients.

Hire Dynamics customizes our on-site program for each client and offers different models based on their needs some of which include: High volume (year-round); Seasonal (peak or ramp-ups); Hybrid (part-time 2-3 days/week) and Working Lead programs.

Regardless of the type of on-site, the Hire Dynamics representative is visible to the talent working at the client. Our on-site managers guide and support our talent on their career journey.  Responsibilities of an on-site manager can include and are not limited to onboarding talent, coaching, counseling and assisting with other client needs such as advice on ways to streamline the hiring processes. Utilizing an on-site can make it easier for you to do business by handling these tasks for you so that you can manage your other duties.

As you evaluate your growth goals and needs for Q4 and beyond, explore how your local Hire Dynamics representative can help you.

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