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Unsure if You Are Prepared for Q4? Consider the Hire Dynamics Difference

By Andi Haynes, Senior Director of On-Sites

At Hire Dynamics, we strive to positively impact our clients’ business and improve the lives of the talent we place.  We work closely with clients to understand their operating reality and develop the best strategies to meet their needs.  Meanwhile, we listen closely to find the best fit for the skills, experience and goals of our talent. It is thrilling to hear how we helped people be successful and I am particularly proud of how we do it in Q4while many companies face big growth goals.

Our high Net Promoter Scores rank us at over six times the industry average for clients and over three times the industry average for talent. These scores put us in the top one percent of staffing companies. We have earned Clearly Rated’s Best of Staffing award for both Client and Talent Satisfaction for ten consecutive years because our experienced staffing providers consult, assess, guide and implement best practices.  As a result, we receive 5-7 times more resumes than other staffing companies.

Hire Dynamics On-Site Differentiators:

Our People Are the Difference

Hire Dynamics’ key differentiator is how we partner with clients and talent.

Local Branches Support Our On-Sites

Hire Dynamics branches are typically three to four times the industry average which enables us to respond quickly and pivot on a dime. Rather than being left alone on an island, Hire Dynamics local branches help support our clients’ on-site managers.  In some cases, we can have five local branches working to fill our on-site clients’ orders.  Some of these branches can have up to 20 recruiters.

High Touch Local Operations Team Provides Superior Customer Service

We play to the strengths of our people who are assigned to either Sales or Operations roles.  Likewise, we ensure that we can meet our clients’ needs by having dedicated staffing specialists at our branches.

Hire Dynamics’ staffing experts get to know our clients’ business by consulting with them to understand their business goals, operating environment and competitive landscape.

We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening at our on-sites.  Each quarter, we conduct Business Advancement Meetings (BAMs) with our clients to identify trends and develop short and long-term solutions to address areas of opportunity.  In addition, we talk with employees and talent about what’s working, what could be improved and why.  Challenges may include high employee turnover, lower-than-expected productivity, safety or compliance issues, and training opportunities for example for supervisors who lack management experience.

Hire Dynamics excels in helping companies plan for the future by understanding the root cause of their challenges and areas of opportunity.

Solutions may include assistance with HR responsibilities such as hiring, onboarding, employee/talent relations, payroll processing and invoicing; conducting safety and compliance assessments; or creating team building and training programs.

Hire Dynamics Customizes Solutions to Meet Client Needs

Another major differentiator is how we help clients vet the best solutions and apply them.

Once we have identified a client’s business priorities and challenges, we create a detailed roadmap and help implement it. Each roadmap looks different, and we provide options to clients along their journey.

We may suggest placing a staffing provider at a client’s site. We offer various models of on-site programs, including high volume, seasonal, part-time or working lead options. A seasonal program can be particularly helpful as companies gear up to meet Q4 growth demands.

Hire Dynamics’ on-site providers are well-trained. They use their training and experience to continuously assess and anticipate client needs. They also serve as the point of contact for talent on-site, relieving that responsibility for clients.

We have been recognized as a Best Place to Work for twelve years and enjoy helping our clients implement best practices that we know work.

On-Site Coordinator Program

Hire Dynamics has a 13-week program designed to fast track recent college graduates with business experience or candidates who want to make a career change to become on-site representatives when our clients need them.  This allows us the opportunity to launch an account well with a deep bench that is ready to serve you.

Career Coach

Hire Dynamics Wi-Fi enabled mobile recruiting unit travels where talent live for hiring events.  Interested candidates may apply on-site.

Referrals are Our #1 Source for Talent

Our mission is to be the number one staffing company that you refer to a friend.

Quality talent know people like themselves.  We continuously look for the right people to fit our clients’ needs, then onboard them quickly and thoroughly.

In addition to unlimited rewards for referrals, Hire Dynamics offers our talent competitive benefits, wellness tools and resources.

As you consider your growth goals for Q4 and into 2020, contact your local Hire Dynamics representative for a consultation to evaluate your staffing model!

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