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Hire Dynamics in the News: New Year’s Resolution – Organizing Your Team

By: Dan Campbell, CEO, Hire Dynamics

Hire Dynamics recently contributed a piece to O.C. Tanner, “New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Your Team,” offering insight on rededicating the team to focus on better organization, communication and collaboration skills. Here is an excerpt of the piece:

January is a good time to hit the reset button, not only on the calendar, but also for business planning and budgeting. The new year is also a great opportunity to reset your team and focus everyone on any organizational skills or processes that may have gone by the wayside in the hectic pace of getting the job done and wrapping up the year. Here are three ways to get your teams organized and off to a productive 2014.

1. Set Resolutions: The turn of a new year is a time for reflection—what worked and what didn’t, but it’s also a time for looking ahead at the upcoming year’s goals.  This can be done one-on-one or in small groups; but it’s not a performance review and should not carry the same significance. It should start with what the organization wants to accomplish in the upcoming year. Establish the overall theme and then organize it into no more than three categories. Focus on each individual and what they want to personally accomplish in 2014. Strive for the majority to align with the company’s goals. Possible examples of goals include:

  • Expand a skill set
  • Get involved with industry trade organizations
  • Mentor a younger coworker (or become a mentee)
  • Take on a volunteer role outside of work responsibilities
  • Train for a marathon

Read the full piece, “New Year’s Resolution: Organizing Your Team”.

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