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Hire Dynamics in the News: Millennials & What They Bring to the Manufacturing Table

By: Dan Campbell, CEO, Hire Dynamics

Hire Dynamics recently contributed a piece to, “Millennials & What They Bring to the Manufacturing Table,” offering insight on what makes Millennials tick and how to attract them to manufacturing jobs. Here is an excerpt of the piece:

Young professionals of the Millennial generation haven’t been jumping at the chance for a career in manufacturing. Their parents and society at large have played a role in that. Attending technical school to learn the skilled trades has been waylaid by the promise of repute and riches following a turn at a four-year college or university. The prevailing stigma of jobs in manufacturing and other skilled trades have carried over into the last two generations, but these views are very clearly outdated.

Manufacturing isn’t the “dirty” job of old, but rather quite the opposite as there is a real opportunity to educate Millennials on the increasingly innovative environment of manufacturing and the role they can play in driving the industry forward. In fact, we are currently undergoing a “manufacturing renaissance” as more companies look to produce on American soil again. With that, an urgent and growing need now exists. While the number of job opportunities continues to increase, we are battling archaic ideas alongside a current skilled labor force that is drastically aging out. According to 2013 reports, for every four trade positions professionals retire from, the industry is producing only one replacement.

Our current workforce has thousands of open trade jobs and we can look to the millions of jobless Millennials, who are facing an unemployment rate that is double the national rate, to fill those ranks. As an industry, we can promote the appeal – innovation, cutting edge-technology, a strong industry culture, and refute the negatives – unclean environment, “old school” thinking, close-minded culture with little room for growth, to attract a new generation of workers.

Read the full piece “Millennials & What They Bring to the Manufacturing Table”.

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