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Maintaining Connections with HD Grad

smiling womanAt Hire Dynamics, we make it a priority to understand the needs of our clients and staff. By placing the right people with the right clients, we provide on-demand talent. Recognized as a “Best Place to Work,” we create an environment where our people can learn, grow, and strive for excellence as a work force and individually.

With offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Greenville and Nashville, we have had many employees that we trained move into full-time positions with our clients. We value the feedback from our previous talent and wanted a way to stay connected with them as well as maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients. For that reason, we created the HD Graduate program that provides opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, sharing experiences and ideas, as well as continued referrals.

“Hire Dynamics has provided me with a great opportunity and has allowed me to showcase my talents with perfect placement,” said Amanda Callins. “I have since been hired on with the company they placed me with and now have been offered another opportunity to further showcase my qualifications.

We host several events for members of our HD Graduate program. Our private Facebook page allows members to interact virtually and stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends and events. Maintaining an HD Graduate program allows us to consistently enhance our talent experience as our continued partnerships grow. At Hire Dynamics, we actively hire new talent and would love to hear from you. You could easily become a part of the HD Graduate program by starting your career endeavors with us, at Hire Dynamics.