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Leaders of Industry

ASA logoOur CEO Dan Campbell recently completed his term serving as 2014 Chairman of the American Staffing Association, the leading trade organization for staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions. The experience was fulfilling and meaningful. Over the past year, he had the honor and opportunity to help guide the organization through major changes, such as the adoption of the Affordable Care Act and the continued advancement of the staffing industry as a whole.

With the closing of his leadership chapter comes the opening of another. The future of our industry has never looked brighter as we have come together to develop strategic solutions to meet challenges head on. Here’s what to expect on the horizon for the staffing industry:

Affordable Care Act
Over the past year, the ASA focused a great deal of attention on one of the industry’s top concerns, providing education and guidance to its members. While much work has already been done, this is just the first stage. The rollout and compliance phase of the ACA will continue to be a major area of focus as well as point of contention.

Tackling the Skills Gap
A recent ASA poll found that more than 70 percent of members feel the skills gap is an important topic staffing firms should focus on – and rightfully so. The ASA has made great efforts to increase awareness of the issue, including new tools to not only alleviate the gap, but better position staffing professionals as workforce strategy experts to take on a more consultative role with clients.

Looking to the Future of Staffing
While staffing professionals already know what this $120 billion industry does to make a difference in people’s lives, it’s still not a top-of-mind career choice for graduates entering the workforce. A new ASA taskforce recently formed to help raise awareness and attract young talent to this growing field.

Dan represented Hire Dynamics and the team admirably during his tenure with the American Staffing Association, and we know this isn’t the end to our partnership. We have many more things to accomplish together. And here’s hoping Dan will have a little more downtime ahead, although knowing him, that time has already been filled with his next adventure … and ours.

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