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Prosperous Opportunities for Millennials

As Millennials begin contemplating potential careers, they are often persuaded by stigmas from family members, peers and society to steer clear of “dirty” jobs, such as ones stereotypically found in the manufacturing industry. Many are opting to follow the traditional four-year degree path, which too often leads to debt from student loans and unemployment caused by oversaturated fields.

In a recent article published on, entitled “Millennials & What They Bring to the Manufacturing Table,” I discussed the need for fresh, innovative talent in the manufacturing industry and the unique, valuable skill sets emerging professionals of the Millennial generation can provide to their employers.

According to a Harvard study, only 62 percent of Millennials are employed, and of that percentage, half of those are part-time positions. Surprisingly enough, a lack of education is not the source for such bleak statistics as 59 percent of Millennials have attended college or received higher education.

Simultaneously, the manufacturing industry is burdened with the opposite problem – lacking enough workers to fill available positions. In a field that offers opportunities to be innovative and creative while working with cutting-edge technology, it is a perfect fit for tech-savvy Millennials eager to make an impact in the workplace. These positions also offer immediate opportunities, continued growth and job security. Here are a few examples of available growing positions:

  1. Mechanical engineering technician This position only requires an Associate’s degree, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, typically provides an income around $52,000 per year. The role offers the chance to work with the latest technology to create and assess software and equipment.
  2. Geological and petroleum technician – This position calls for an Associate’s degree and offers around $52,000 per year. Professionals in this role provide support for scientists and engineers while using technology and instruments to gather and collect data.
  3. Nuclear technician – This career field also requires an Associate’s degree and pays around $69,000 per year. These professionals assist nuclear physicists, engineers and scientists with testing and researching equipment.

Possibilities are endless as these are just a few of the exciting and growing opportunities for Millennials. With their help, we can bridge the growing skills gap, balance the staffing equilibrium and fill the demands of an ever-evolving workforce.

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