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A Fluid Plan: Four Ways to Prevent Heat-Related Illness in the Workplace

“Proactive prevention and awareness of how to recognize and treat heat illness symptoms literally can make the difference in saving a colleague’s life.”

–Tim Church, MD, MPH,PhD on TLNT

Long days. Warm weather. Plenty of sunshine. There are a lot of things to love about summertime, but the season is not without its dangers, especially in the workplace. Gary Garofano, Hire Dynamics Risk & Safety Manager notes, “Both employers and employees bear responsibility for forging a culture of safety in their workplace” so knowing the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness is especially important for those in strenuous environments. Proper hydration is among the four key practices outlined in this article from Gary and Dr. Tim Church, a preventative health expert, on how to keep all members of your organization safe from heat-related illness or injury this summer.

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