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Hire Dynamics in the News: How to Determine if an Organization Appreciates its Employees

Hire Dynamics was recently featured in a piece for U.S. News & World Report that was also featured on Yahoo! News on the subject of Employee Appreciation Day. In “How to Determine if an Organization Appreciates its Employees,” CEO Dan Campbell shares tips for professionals on how to decide if a company will appreciate you.

Do you feel appreciated at work? March 7 is “Employee Appreciation Day.” Perhaps you are underappreciated and seeking a new job – hopefully, with a company that will be an improvement in the appreciation department. Sometimes, when you’re so focused on getting a job – just any job – it’s easy to forget that you should do a little research on your own to decide if you even want to work for the organization.

Dan Campbell, 2014 chairman of the American Staffing Association and CEO of Hire Dynamics – a staffing company often recognized on Best Places to Work lists – suggests the following tips to help decide if a company will appreciate you.

Does the company make it its priority to not only attract, but also retain its talent for the long haul? Is it pretty clear that the organization is a revolving door, where employees seem to come and go frequently? How can you tell? If most people you meet when networking or interviewing don’t have much experience at the organization, it may be a tip-off. You can certainly make a point to ask about the tenure of the typical employee.

“When searching for the right career, no longer are immediate opportunities the top consideration as continued growth has become increasingly more important,” Campbell says. Make it your business to find out if the organization’s culture supports promoting from within. Is there an internal job board? Do people move up the corporate ladder? Do managers support individual career goals? While you don’t want to engage with a supervisor by asking how long it will be until you can do something different, if you can get a sense of whether people tend to stay with the organization or not you’ll have at least part of your answer about if employees feel appreciated.

Read the full piece “How to Determine if an Organization Appreciates its Employees”.

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