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To be really good at something requires knowledge and understanding. To be known for something means to share it with others.greenville sc logo

As a company, Hire Dynamics is committed to hosting and sponsoring content leadership events in all of our markets on varying topics in HR, manufacturing, logistics and contact centers. It’s how we like to participate in the community conversation around best practices and new methods of doing business.

Our Greenville branch recently hosted a “Workforce Strategies Series” to discuss two topics very much on the mind of business leaders these days – overcoming the skills gap and navigating the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Here are some key discussion points from the gathering of minds:

  • A strong company culture is critical. Because of the skills gap and shortage of qualified workers for many position types, an important human capital strategy remains to build and maintain strong relationships with your employees. CareerBuilder/Clearly Rated studies show that 71 percent of workers said that searching for new opportunities is part of their “regular routine.”
  • The skills gap will widen as the economy strengthens and unemployment continues to fall. There are nearly nine million people actively looking for work, while nearly five million jobs are unfilled. And, with the aging workforce and more people dropping out of the labor pool, only six out of 10 working-age individuals are currently employed or even seeking a job.
  • Let’s change the way we look at talent. Here are some ideas: consider the long-term unemployed, look beyond the job titles on a resume, set realistic job descriptions, hire for potential then train, and set pay rates based on talent supply and demand.

It was the second year we hosted this type of HR Roundtable for local hiring managers and industry employers in the Upstate South Carolina area. Forty managers attended the event that explored not only the two primary topics but also touched on the inconsistencies of industry pay rates and how many companies throughout the state have not raised wages in 3-5 years. Speakers shared metrics that allowed attendees to compare the wage rates they offer to what similar companies offer.

The “Workforce Strategies Series” was hosted by Hire Dynamics leadership including Kim Wallace, executive VP; Jon Neff, CFO; and Tanya Carter, Greenville branch manager. The next content leadership event for Greenville will be held Aug. 20th as a Contact/Call Center Roundtable focusing on best practices for contact center management and retention.

For more information, our Greenville branch manager is happy to connect. Tanya may be reached at Join the conversation!

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