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Hire Dynamics Hosts Women in Leadership Workshop Series

“You can’t just go out there and be like everyone else.”

–Kim Wallace, Executive Vice President at Hire Dynamics

As part of Hire Dynamics’ commitment to putting people first, we’ve been hosting a series of Women in Leadership professional development events across the Southeast. Our most recent workshops in Salisbury, Ballantyne, and Nashville discussed different leadership styles, with the recurring themes of trust, passion, accountability, and being intentional. Kim Wallace, our Executive Vice President, emphasized the importance of choices as well as memorable moments that define life. It’s crucial to make the most of those choices and maximize the moments that make us who we are as women and as leaders.

Salisbury Women in Leadership attendees

Not only does what we do matter, it is how we do it.

Chief People Officer Sonya Buckley noted that to be the most effective leader possible you must, “Be present. Be courageous.” Combining the moments that matter with bold choices empowers your career as well as the lives around you. We’re particularly excited to highlight these workshops as the women in this region have become very close and have experienced tremendous business growth under the leadership of our Regional Manager, Patti Misenheimer.

Ballantyne Women in Leadership attendees

“Our team enjoyed attending the Women in Leadership event hosted by Hire Dynamics Executive Vice President, Kim Wallace”, adds Tyler Sheltra, Branch Manager in Ballantyne. “The greatest take-a-way from our event was feeling empowered. The whole experience was great for networking and building deeper relationships within our team. We are thankful for HD and how they lift up women in the workplace!”

Nashville Branch Manager Brenda Franklin and her team reflected on their event saying, “It was an amazing opportunity for us to come together as women to share our personal story and engage in active discussion about issues related to victimization so we can better serve our communities.” The special guest at the Nashville event was Cynthia Sims, Executive Director of the Center of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides support to victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Nashville Women in Leadership attendees

Another aspect of women’s experience in leadership roles is how they grow throughout their careers. Persistence and courage are integral to success. The women at these events were very open with sharing personal experiences that have helped to shape them to who they are today. Many women shared their stories and the obstacles they overcame with strength, confidence, and a vision for their lives.  This is a group of women who do not take the word “no” for what it is. They go for what they want and give 110% along the way.

Kim Wallace closed the sessions by saying, “Life is made of choices. What do you want to be remembered by?”

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