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HD’s Gary Campbell Leads North Fulton Chamber’s Talent Coalition

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Metro Atlanta’s population is quickly growing, and so are the job opportunities. There are many high-demand, low supply jobs within the area that continually need to be filled. The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC) has been focusing its efforts on bringing awareness for filling these open positions.

The GNFCC launched a lead workforce initiative call the Talent Coalition, chaired by our very own director of community affairs, Gary Campbell. Because of Gary’s expertise in high-demand job staffing, he is the perfect person to lead this initiative.

Part of the Talent Coalition’s purpose is to inform and bring together companies and educational institutions to discuss opportunities to bridge the skills gap and fill hundreds of open jobs. Occupations within the STEM field are highly publicized, but as Gary explains to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, “there is an attitude shift that needs to happen” when it comes to more traditional, blue collar jobs in the workforce.

Gary describes the need for more opportunities to “improve the skill sets” for people who may be drawn to a welding profession rather than one as an engineer. Technical jobs help “the fundamental infrastructure of business,” and are important to have as the city grows.

As the North Fulton area prepares for the growing population, the GNFCC is a catalyst for these important conversations. This partnership allows educators to inform residents about opportunities in technical jobs, many of which are crucial to a successful business. We are proud and fully supportive of Gary’s leadership of the Talent Coalition and the changes that are taking place to better our region.

To learn more, visit the GNFCC’s Talent Coalition or follow the conversation on LinkedIn.