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Firm Helps Homeless Take First Step to Work

It could be a match made in job-matching heaven, especially for people getting back on their feet after hellish times.

A newly formed partnership between Hire Dynamics LLC and First Step Staffing has the potential, its respective leaders hope, to help put some 300 formerly homeless individuals back into the workforce.

First Step is a full-service staffing firm that places people who are moving out of homelessness into employment. Hire Dynamics is a fast-growing, award-winning staffing and professional recruitment firm.

First Step has one office; Hire Dynamics has six Atlanta offices and 20 on-site locations. Hire Dynamics also puts 2,000 people to work everyday, Campbell said. Through First Step, more than 1,400 formerly homeless men and women have been placed in employment.

The chief executive of Hire Dynamics and First Step Staffing, Dan Campbell and Greg Block, respectively, know each other; Campbell is on First Step’s board. After finding out about Campbell’s company’s desire to help the community, and that First Step could use additional support, the two entities decided that they each had what the other was looking for.

To read the entire Atlanta Business Chronicle article, click here.

Firm help homeless take First Step to work

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