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What Drives Our Net Promoter Score?

What exactly is a Net Promoter Score? NPS, for short, is a simple metric based on a question that asks how likely a person is to recommend a company to a friend or colleague using a numeric scale of 0-10, ten being extremely likely and zero being not at all likely. From there, the percentage of people who rated the company a 0-6 is subtracted from the percentage rating it a 9 or 10.

So enough of the math lesson, why does this really matter? Clearly Rated awarded Hire Dynamics in 2017 with a Best of Staffing® award for the Client and Talent categories for the 8th consecutive year. This award is given to only the top 2% of 19,000 staffing companies in the country, and we received our highest satisfaction scores to date. Our NPS from clients was 68.9%, significantly higher than the staffing industry’s average of 4% and puts Hire Dynamics in a service category with Apple and Southwest Airlines. Likewise, we received a NPS of 65.7% from our job candidates, which also bests the industry’s average of 21%.

What is it that sets Hire Dynamics apart from everyone else? After speaking with Hire Dynamics CEO, Larry Feinstein, there are a few differentiators that stood out.

Internal Employee Satisfaction. Without happy and well-served employees, client satisfaction becomes a much bigger challenge. “Internal employee satisfaction is not only crucial to client satisfaction but also to employee retention. We are honored by an 85% internal retention rate in an industry where the average is 50%.”

Servant Leadership. All senior leaders at Hire Dynamics strive to be better servant leaders to talent and clients. “We look to serve our internal employees and provide them with the best training and resources possible. We’re also very picky about the companies we choose to work with, and look for a true partnership, not just a transactional relationship.”

Receiving these Best of Staffing Diamond Awards is a direct result of our entire team’s servant leadership efforts. As we continue to work towards being the best we can be for our clients, talent, and employees, it is exciting and rewarding to know that we’re on the right track. To read more about servant leadership, check out our blog post from earlier this year.