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Crockpot Chronicles: Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili

We understand that many people have been hit hard financially this past year and a half.

We want to bring you a terrific healthy and inexpensive recipe that you can prepare quickly, let cook while you’re at work, and then serve to your family as soon as everyone is home that afternoon/evening.

A fast-food combo meal is more than $5/person. THAT is expensive. This crockpot meal costs only about $1.61 per person and is so much healthier!

Fall is here! And if you’re already drinking pumpkin spice lattes, this quick and easy slow cooker Chipotle bean chili recipe is just up your alley.

You’ll be able to get it ready in just a few minutes before you leave for work in the morning. When you return home, just turn the crockpot/slow cooker off and spoon it onto your family’s plates.

This recipe can help your family ease into healthy eating. It could help save your family even more in the long run because eating healthy food will save you money now (fewer sick days) and help you age better, thus helping you save on medical expenses when you’re older.

Take just five minutes of prep time before you head out the door.

Remember: crockpot meals are really easy to prepare. Toss the ingredients in the pot, set the heat, set the timer, head out, return, turn off the pot, and serve.

And you can reheat a big bowl of it in the break room’s microwave at work for lunch tomorrow!

Let us know what you think of it.