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Trends and Tips to Win Top Contact Center Talent in a Candidate Market

By Kim Wallace, Executive Vice President – Hire Dynamics

CareerBuilder recently joined Hire Dynamics to discuss trends and tips in recruiting for Contact Centers.  With the highest employment since 1969 and 312,000 new jobs in 2018, it is a candidate market.  There are more jobs than people to fill them so companies report ghosting – no shows for interviews and first days.  Almost half of employers have open positions and another 23% need to hire. With few qualified candidates looking, how can you win passive candidates?


Be respectful of their time.  Your top candidates are working, and you have to move fast.  86% believe that a job application should take under 10 minutes to complete so keep it short by deleting all of those things that were added during the recession to screen people out.  Sixty percent of job seekers who begin an application will not return if they did not complete it.  Four out of every five candidates drop off during the application process.  Let them hear from you within 48 hours, even if it is by automated response.  Then make an offer within two weeks.


Today we can do almost anything on our smartphones in five minutes or less.  Seventy percent of candidates apply via their smart phone in response to email.  If you do not have an app (Hire Dynamics does!), is your website mobile enabled?


Look for ways to automate repetitive processes to give time back to HR and recruiters so that they have more time to spend talking with candidates or onboarding new ones.  It will be worth the investment in AI.  At a minimum, automate background checks and drug screens.

Compensation and Hiring Radius

You must offer competitive rates for your market.  If you have not reviewed your pay or do not know how you compare to the competition, now is the time.  Wages are on the rise yet 67% of employers do not use data to determine rates.  If you are not finding the candidates that you need in your immediate market, can you expand your search to nearby towns?  Reach out to your Hire Dynamics representative for competitive compensation data by market.

Ratings & Reviews

Candidates check reviews for movies, restaurants, and potential employers.  Check yours on Google, Indeed, GlassDoor and Facebook regularly – at least once a week.  What are your customers and employees saying?  If you need more reviews, ask happy people for them.  Kyle Feeney, Hire Dynamics Regional Manager in Charlotte, recommends asking new employees for a review – even if it is about the hiring process – as soon as they receive an offer.


It is more expensive to hire a new employee than retain an existing one.  At Hire Dynamics, we know that culture is important for employee retention.  Current employees will appreciate opportunities for career development so give them the time to focus on it.


Gisa Smith PHR, SHRM-CP and Director of HR at Distribution Technology, reminded the group that Boomers are exiting the workforce faster than Millennials can replace them.  Having a diverse workforce includes all ages.  While many employers offer perks such as teleworking to attract Millennials, all generations appreciate them.

In this candidate market, employers must be resourceful to win top Contact Center talent.  Whether you need assistance with compensation data by market or want to leverage Hire Dynamics Work4HD app to quickly find talent to go temp to perm, we are here to serve you!

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