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Client Success Stories: Sharing the Love

We always look forward to our company’s mid-year meeting because it is a time for our dispersed work family to get together for some key learning and serious fun. These meetings are meant to initiate reflection on the team’s success to date, evaluation of organizational goals, and collaboration on current opportunities. We were grateful to have Peter Bourke, founder and CEO of Better Way Sales Strategies, join us as a speaker to lead a discussion on the importance of incorporating soft skills to influence both your team and clients.

Emerging from the humblest of beginnings, our team knows that while factors such as growth and industry recognition signify our success, it’s the client wins – finding the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill role, human capital success stories and cross-company referrals – that make us truly feel like what we do matters. At Hire Dynamics, we have found that putting the primary focus on relationships and responsiveness is the best way to make an impression. We choose to do business this way not just because it works, but also because it’s what our clients seek in a staffing partner.

During the dialogue at our mid-year meeting, our senior team and account and branch managers were asked to share insight on the soft skills clients appreciate most when working with Hire Dynamics. Here are a few identified core attributes, as well as tips on how you can share the love and make clients fall in love with your business.

  1. Don’t just identify the problem or need; propose the solution at the same time. We are all in business to serve the needs of our clients, which inevitably change over time. It’s important to be proactive, rather than reactive. Stay on top of industry trends so that when new issues arise or needs shift, we are prepared to clarify the problem and propose a way to fix it.
  1. First impressions and lasting reputations are equally as important. From the initial encounter between a client and your business, ensure smooth communication throughout the process. If doing business requires the client be passed through multiple departments, make the transition seamless. This also applies to methods of communication. Each touch point they have with your company whether through your website, on the phone or in person, should be pleasant, concise and helpful.
  1. Be helpful and noticeable. Consider content leadership where your business hosts various educational and networking events and roundtables throughout the year. Most recently, Hire Dynamics hosted the Contact Center Executive Forum to provide the opportunity to learn from industry experts and peers and discuss challenges of today. It’s an excellent way to give back, add value to clients and show investment in your business relationships.

We know that how we choose to enter into new business relationships impacts future success for better or worse. While the easier path and more natural inclination is to be transactional “yes-men” and boast the company’s expertise, we choose a different route – a interpersonal one built on client service by developing productive, lasting business relationships. Where have you found success in your business relationships?

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