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CEO Larry Feinstein Feat. in Nashville Ledger on Holiday Hiring

nashville ledger coverOur CEO Larry Feinstein was featured in the cover story on holiday hiring by the Nashville Ledger. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Demand for holiday help has employers scrambling, wages rising

By Joe Morris, Nov. 18, 2016

Despite a daily influx of new Middle Tennessee residents, companies looking to hire workers for the upcoming holiday season may have a tougher time than usual filling those spots.

… The Middle Tennessee market is likely to stay tight in the retail and service sector well beyond the holidays, says Larry Feinstein, chief executive officer of staffing firm Hire Dynamics.

“We staff some big retail-oriented around the Southeast, and Nashville is our tightest labor market,” Feinstein says.

“We are seeing a war for talent, and pay rates are going up like crazy. Jobs that used to pay $9 or $10 an hour are now up to $12. We’re also seeing large entities like Walmart and McDonald’s paying more because they’re having trouble getting people, and that means these pay rates will probably stay up.”

Feinstein also notes that “seasonal” when it applies to retail used to mean hiring in late October for the next two months, and now that timeline has shifted back a few weeks.

“It’s the ‘e-commerce effect,’ where companies who used to gear up and send things to stores are now having to handle online orders,” he explains.

“Those are smaller orders, and are more labor-intensive. And people are ordering earlier, so they need people doing the collecting, sorting and packing earlier.”

The real story, he concludes, “is that it’s hard to fill the orders our clients have. It’s hard to meet demand in Middle Tennessee.”

Feinstein’s prediction is echoed by other observers in the market, such as the Nashville Area chamber of Commerce.

Read the complete article to the Nashville Ledger.

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