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Reflections on a Decade of Best of Staffing

A Decade of Best of Staffing Recognition is a Virtuous Cycle that Hinges on Company Culture

By Kim Wallace, Executive Vice President at Hire Dynamics

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I am so proud that this is the 10th year that Hire Dynamics has been recognized by ClearlyRated for Best of Staffing in both Client and Talent Satisfaction. It validates our team-first approach to the staffing business. Over the years what we’re doing has evolved into a virtuous cycle that results in the growth of our team and making a difference in the lives of the people we place. What we do matters.

Even way back in 2010 when Hire Dynamics earned the Best of Staffing recognition for the first time, it wasn’t a one and done for us to say that we had achieved it. A lot of staffing companies come and go. From day one, Hire Dynamics has made Best of Staffing part of our culture. We made it our goal to make the Best of Staffing list and stay on it by making the things that got us here in the first place a part of our culture. The things that you do to make the list have to be sustainable. We take culture seriously.

Best of Staffing starts with our people, the loyalty of employees and cultivating a company culture dedicated to our teams, clients and talent.  It all starts with the people you hire to live out your core values. Do you know the kind of people that thrive in your culture? Defining what an “A” player looks like for your company can ensure that you have the right people to be your ambassadors. Hire Dynamics has won Best Places to Work in all of the markets that we serve because the best ideas come from our people. To be successful, your employees must be passionate about the same things.

When I think about how Hire Dynamics has continued to earn the Best of Staffing recognition for both Client and Talent Satisfaction, two of our Core Values really stand out.

The first is to Have a positive impact on all who come in contact with Hire Dynamics. That goes well beyond just providing excellent service to Clients and Talent. It’s about creating a culture dedicated to offering the best experience. This helps us focus on the quest for sustained excellence. Staffing companies all deal with the same people. What is different about Hire Dynamics? Our people. Just yesterday, branches were asking for umbrellas to walk talent to their cars in the rain. Talent remember when you treat them the way that you would want to be treated. We find them jobs at the clients where we would let our kids work. As a result, we have placed more than 17K talent in full-time roles at our clients.

The second of Hire Dynamics’ Core Values that guides us to achieve Best of Staffing recognition is Build unrivaled loyalty with employees, clients and talent. The loyalty of our employees directly impacts our ability to retain our clients and talent. We can’t expect our clients to be loyal to Hire Dynamics if our employees are not loyal. That’s why we put our employees first. Our goal is to be the #1 company that you would refer to a friend. The Net Promoter Score® measures loyalty and we are humbled that our clients have rated Hire Dynamics 7x better than the industry average.

These things that Hire Dynamics has been doing to shape our culture have enabled us to be recognized for 10 consecutive years on the Best of Staffing lists for both Client and Talent Satisfaction. It has evolved into a virtuous cycle that continues to give back to everyone involved.  Like other companies, you will find Best of Staffing on all of our recruiting and sales tools because we know that top employees and clients look for these awards. When our staffing specialists establish an emotional connection with talent, build strong relationships with them, then they become loyal to Hire Dynamics. While it may seem counter-intuitive, we celebrate when our talent are hired by our clients. These talent breed referrals and can become clients one day. Then we hear from them again when they need to fill good jobs with great people!


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