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AutoTrader Call Center Roundtable

Hire Dynamics hosted its quarterly Call Center Roundtable on February 24, presented by AutoTrader. The event connected over 50 call center professionals throughout metro Atlanta to share best practices surrounding customer operations.

AutoTrader discussed the objectives, benefits and desired outcomes of social customer relationship management and its importance and functionality in customer service roles. They shared detailed strategies and tactics involving this method as well as their experience and how it made them a leader among competitors.

Atlanta is a hub for many contact centers and Hire Dynamics takes the lead in organizing informational events to educate contact center professionals on the latest industry trends. The goal of hosting this event is to keep Hire Dynamics “front of mind” as an industry expert with a focus on helping contact centers manage business objectives.

Key topics reviewed by AutoTrader during the Call Center Roundtable include:

  • Blog monitoring and customer response
  • Educate consumers seeking your product/services through social networking sites – answer their questions via social media
  • How to increase brand awareness and become known as experts in your field through an online presence
  • Training how to respond to inquiries and handle customer interactions via social media
  • Advertising on social media channels – Location, location, location!
  • Social media policy and guidelines for employees
  • The future of social media – what to watch for

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