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Atlanta Leader Shares Her Journey from Career Setback to Rewarding Future with Two Key Learnings

By Sonya Buckley, Chief People Officer at Hire Dynamics

Angela Raub, CEO and President of Leadercast, has always known the importance of working hard. She grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest, where work began at 4 a.m. At age 13, she worked at a local Dairy Queen, where she once infamously drove the family car to work when her mom was sick; after all, she knew how to drive from her work on the farm! Later, she was an HR intern at an Ohio hospital where she helped conduct a strenuous I-9 audit. That’s where she learned that HR professionals are the heartbeat of an organization.

Since then, Raub has built a successful career leading business development, marketing and sales at universities, investment firms and franchise companies, among others. Today, she heads Leadercast, which offers some of the most sought-after leadership seminars and conferences in the country, including Leadercast Women which will be held in mid-October in Atlanta.

Raub spoke in early September at a breakout session that Hire Dynamics sponsored over lunch at the HR Star Conference in Atlanta. She shared two key principles she garnered through her diverse career, which particularly came into focus after she went through a reduction in force a few years ago.

“I was called in to talk with our department head and expected to learn that I had been promoted,” she said. “Instead, I was laid off — along with our entire department. It didn’t matter that I had succeeded in every responsibility that was asked of me and had sought additional duties. I was out of a job.”

After a lifetime immersed in work and meeting the requirements of others, she suddenly found herself facing a need to find a new direction. Essentially, it felt like the worst day of her life. However, as she worked through it, she discovered two keys to beginning anew – building what would become the best days of her life.

Lesson #1: Ask for help.

Although shaken, Raub rallied. She met with a well-known local executive coach, Randy Hain, who shared advice that changed her outlook and direction.

“He told me that it’s okay to ask others for help,” she said. “He encouraged me to think about the people I knew throughout companies in Atlanta and with whom I could share my job search story. Then, he told me to trust their willingness to help.”

Raub acted on his counsel. To her amazement, she soon had on her calendar almost 100 meetings with people willing to help her or connect her with others in their network.

“I learned how much people genuinely want to help someone who is in a job transition,” she said. “Now, I look to paying that forward and serving others as they make leadership or career changes.”

Lesson #2: Prioritize self-care.

Raub shared another important lesson she gained through her job transition: the need to prioritize time to take care of herself. One way she does this is by scheduling regular time with family and friends.

“Work is wonderful, but it can’t be done all the time, and it can’t love you back,” she said. “Work will not be with you in your final days. Your family and friends will. Make memories with them.”

Another way she prioritizes her needs is by scheduling regular downtime. One day a weekend, she unplugs from all electronic devices and social media and focuses on activities that recharge her mind and energy, such as exercise and spending time outdoors.

“It’s not selfish to take care of yourself,” she said. “In fact, as HR professionals, you have the opportunity to make the world a better place, and that starts with you.”

Raub offered a final piece of advice. “Know that through the worst day of your life, you CAN and WILL grow,” she advised. “You are an example of the people you leave behind. Take courage to take care of yourself. The world will greatly benefit from that.”

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