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Becoming a “Best Place to Work”

Being recognized and eventually known as a “Best Place to Work” or “Top Workplace” gives your business the opportunity to leverage its industry-leading retention rate to attract top talent and differentiate from the competition. But it’s also about the interpersonal connections built within that endure beyond employment with the company.

Hire Dynamics has had the good fortune of being recognized for our culture and employee programs over the years, but it’s been about the journey, not the destination. Here are three best practices to begin the journey of becoming a “Best Place to Work.”

Commitment from senior management. A successful leadership team develops a vision and core values, and then commits to creating a great workplace. Business practices must also align with the vision/core values and support trust building for an overall cohesive approach.

Positive attitudes and practices are the norm. Team-focused philosophies with open communication among employees and management should be standard protocol. Owning your recognition and mindset of, “We are not like others,” will promote the perception and pride of a special and unique culture that will continue to drive momentum.

Clarity and consistency foster success. Complexity will not build greatness, so keep things simple. Rather than just solving problems, build on what is special at your organization, then consistency in focus will become essential. Be clear on what you want to accomplish and have a plan on who should drive it.

Delivering an exceptional workplace experience for internal teams is often followed by the sharing of that experience with others. This leads to both brand awareness and industry-recognition, but more importantly, it leads to positive results at the heart of the business where it counts – within walls of your organization and the lives of those that comprise it.


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