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3 Factors to Drive Contact Center Employee Engagement

Everyone at Hire Dynamics believes in our vision of being the #1 staffing company that you would refer to a friend. As we look towards that, the importance of employee engagement, particularly at contact centers, is at the forefront.

High attrition, low compensation, training issues, communication challenges, a high-stress work environment, and increased job burnout are just some of the challenges faced by contact center employees. With all of these obstacles working against contact centers, engagement is that much more difficult.

At Hire Dynamics, we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our proven selection process to ensure we place the right talent with the right clients. Satisfaction on both ends defines a company’s culture and that’s why we so highly value putting our people first.

We’ve identified 3 factors that have proven to continuously engage employees and keep turnover rate low:

  1. Start by hiring the right people. During the interview process, a candidate’s values and work ethic are often overshadowed by their skills. However, we know that a person’s skills are only valuable to our client if they have the will to succeed and work through tough times.A company’s culture is highly reliant on their employee’s willingness to believe in the mission and vision of the organization. Successful organizations generally have a culture that is built on strong values, so why shouldn’t the same be asked of employees? Getting a feel for how a potential hire’s values match that of the organization’s is critical during the interview process.
  2. Onboarding, onboarding and more onboarding. We have found that the most effective onboarding allows time and space for new hires to gain confidence, learn and make mistakes. By giving them this time, they are able to connect with other trainees and start to build a community. The onboarding process needs to provide a platform for managers to show each employee that they are a valued member of the team and create a relationship.The second that new team members arrive at work, the focus needs to shift to building and maintaining engagement with them. Our onboarding process was created to provide our talent and clients with stability and success for the long-term.
  3. Make the little things important. Day-to-day in contact centers, there are endless opportunities to capitalize on improving employee engagement. We focus on encouraging friendships at work. As colleagues make the transition from colleagues to friends, motivation increases among them. When employees are engaging with friends on a daily basis, they view the work they’re doing as a reflection of their relationships.

Contact centers are unique and constantly changing environments. Engagement within them is heavily reliant on the kind of people that we choose to place in each contact center. As we continue our history of working with tenured companies, we are excited about our recent partnership with Chime Solutions. You can read more about it here.

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