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3-2-1…activate! Climbing “Hire” in 2018

People holding handsHire Dynamics has officially kicked off 2018! As announced at our annual internal conference, we are renewing our focus on growth, innovation, and team culture throughout the entire year.

#3 Growth

Eric Gregg,  CEO & Founder of B2B satisfaction survey firm Clearly Rated, spoke to us about the three simple steps to excellence. “Though it is not easy, we must be better, prove that we’re better, and gain recognition for being better”.

  1. Through self-reflection and careful planning, we will be better.
  2. With data analytics and testimonials, we will prove that we’re better.
  3. By winning awards and sharing our message, we will get credit for being better.

These steps increase market share through a tried and true concept, provide the very best service for our clients and talent by continuously increasing their overall satisfaction. This not only improves our Net Promoter Score® (NPS), it meets our vision of being the #1 staffing company that clients and talent would refer to a friend or colleague.

#2 Innovation

Our first quarter roll-out of the new Hire Dynamics mobile application is one of many initiatives behind our continued focus on innovation. Why? Because how we do what we do impacts the overall satisfaction of our customers. Investing in operations and technology helps us better serve our clients and talent throughout the entire hiring and job seeking experience. Through collaborative work with premiere staffing industry partners like WorkN, Zipwhip, and TempWorks, we are able to deliver the best services through leading-edge technology and the industry’s best platforms. These partnerships allow Hire Dynamics to:

  • Connect with the digital marketplace
  • Recruit talent quickly and efficiently
  • Fill orders faster
  • Find, accept, and check into jobs from workers’ mobile devices
  • Request and schedule jobs from clients’ mobile devices
  • Communicate shift cancellations or delays and emergency closings
  • Manage referrals and databases
  • Create internal intranet
  • Streamline HR functions

#1 – People, culture, people …repeat

While national unemployment figures continue to fall, finding that perfect hire or job takes more investment than a job description or set of bulleted skills on a resume. Soft skills are equally as vital to qualifying your next opportunity. Hire Dynamics’ interactions revolve around the folks we meet with every day, here are our values in all things PEOPLE:

– Have a POSITIVE impact on all who come in contact with Hire Dynamics.
– Continuously ENGAGE and attract influential people with Hire Dynamics.
OVERACHIEVE our clients’ business objectives through client intimacy, innovation, and content leadership.
– Serve PEOPLE first with a constant sense of urgency.
– Build unrivaled LOYALTY with employees, clients, and talent.
– Be known for EASE of doing business and keeping things simple.

Events such as Lunch and Earn, weekend open house, and coworker references build that emotional connection between Hire Dynamics, clients, and talent. Our vibrant social media community speaks to these external audiences as well (you can follow us here).

To wrap this up, we host these annual internal conferences as our way of sharing the vision together. At Hire Dynamics, we are accelerating growth, winning the competition for great talent, valuing our team culture and employee development through our commitment to best serve our customers. 2018 is activated, let’s rock this!

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